Sub Sea and Off Shore

Caldercote provides extreme protective coatings for offshore and subsea structures, providing the most effective methods of protecting against corrosion. We offer special expertise in corrosion protection in the severe environmental conditions of the North Sea – expertise gained over more than 30 years in the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industries and has been the basis for long-lasting coating systems for subsea structures across the globe.

Caldercote is a global market leader for offshore corrosion and fire protection, and throughout the last three decades we have worked closely with offshore oil and gas customers. Our high performance coatings and reliable solutions protect thousands of offshore installations worldwide.

Subsea structures are designed to withstand lifetime exposure of up to 25 years or longer to provide an uninterrupted service life.  Our coating systems are therefore designed and tested according to internationally acclaimed standards such as NORSOK  and we are accredited to NACE LEVEL 3

Valves. Actuators. Gearshift Mechanisms.

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