Extreme Temperatures

The field equipment, such as drills, pumps and valves, are commonly located either offshore or at an extremely hot, desert-type location. While the weather conditions create exposure to corrosion, heat, UV radiation and abrasion, the unavoidable oil and chemical spillages set their own requirements to how the equipment should be protected.

The pipelines that transfer oil and gas for example from the drilling site to refinery are exposed to all that as well. On top of it, the transfer process creates plenty of friction inside the pipes. To keep the pipes from breaking, special friction reduction solutions are needed.

While the challenges caused by extreme weather prevail, the role of chemical stress caused by spillages, fumes and the immersion inside the tanks and pipes becomes even more significant.

Our bespoke protective coatings are designed to withstand lifetime exposure of up to 25 years or longer to provide an uninterrupted service life.  Our coating systems are therefore designed and tested according to internationally acclaimed standards such as NORSOK  and we are accredited to NACE LEVEL 3

Valves. Actuators. Gearshift Mechanisms.

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